Instructions for use Skincell Pro

The cleaning of the leather from stains, of moles and warts – the first step to a beautiful and attractive appearance. Spots on the skin often cause severe psychological distress, and they become an obstacle to the institution of new acquaintances, building relationships, career development.

Skincell Pro – tool, which will relieve You from the annoying circumstances. Serum for correction of moles, warts and skin blemishes carefully to clean Your skin, eliminate unwanted education, and all traces of it from the position of the skin. Skincell Pro – alternative to surgery painful and expensive process.

Indications for use Skincell Pro

The appearance of spots on the skin – the reason for the misery of millions of women and men all over the world. They can appear suddenly, and to "adorn" their face and the exposed parts of the body. From these formations, you need to get rid as soon as possible, to prevent them from developing and spreading to neighbouring areas of the skin.

Apply Skincell Pro in this case, if you have observed spots on the skin, moles, warts, age-related changes of the skin

Apply the serum in case you have observed spots on the skin: light and dark nevus, hanging or flat warts, age-related changes of the skin. The tool will help to stop the growth of education, you will eliminate and lighten the skin around the points.

Instructions for use

To achieve the maximum effect, it is important to know how to use the serum properly. Read all the instructions carefully before applying. The cleaning of the skin with the help of Skincell Pro takes place in a few steps:

  • Apply the product directly on the stain 2-3 times a day with the use of an applicator or a cotton swab.
  • Don't worry, if you notice redness in the area of application of the tool – it's a completely normal reaction.
  • Recommended exposure time in the skin – 8 hours. Do not rinse and do not apply to other media in the affected area during this time. You will see the improvements that occur under the influence of the tool Skincell Pro.
  • During use of the tool is determined by one's own senses. You yourself can notice, when use of the drug should be discontinued.

The tool shows great results application. Skincell Pro does not cause pain and helps to quickly and effectively clear the skin.

Contraindications to the use of the tool

Serum Skincell Pro fully made from natural ingredients, has no contraindications and side effects. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the composition inside, before proceeding to the application. In the case of individual intolerance to individual chapters, stop the application, or consult your doctor.

Store the tool in a cool and dry place, do not expose it to sources of heat and direct sunlight. Do not leave the tool for the kids.

Buy serum Skincell Pro in New Zealand, you can on the official website of the manufacturer. The product involved in the offer, will be provided 50% discount. Skincell Pro – the health and beauty of Your skin.